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" All right/' Mr. Munn replied,

"Last night Miss Christian come in yore room, and you
was thar. She come------"

" That's not-----" Mr. Munn began, but the other man had

raised his hand, almost as in command, and continued:

"She come in thar. Sylvestus seen her a-goen. He was
come-en up on the porch to lay down on his pallet, and he
seen her. And this mornen he come to me and told me. He
done accorden to his lights, tellen me. Hit ain't right, Perse.
I was ne'er one to be tellen other folks their doens. A man's
got a time keepen clear and easy in his own mind, but hit
ain't right, Perse. Not in Dellie's house. Hit ain't acten right
to Dellie. Hit's kicken up dirt in Dellie's face." He looked at
Mr. Munn's face, which was as expressionless as wood. Mr.
Munn was not even looking at him. Then he reached out to
touch Mr, Munn on the arm, and concluded: "Hit was in
me to be a-sayen hit. And I done said hit."

Mr. Munn still did not look at him, saying: " Lucille Chris-
tian came to my room. She had something to tell me. Some-
thing to tell me, she couldn't wait to tell me, she thought
She told me that, and we talked about it. And she left." He
turned his eyes upon him, and added, " That was all."

" I'm glad to hear you sayen hit," Willie Proudfit said. He
took Ms hand from Mr. Munn's arm.

" That was all," Mr. Munn repeated slowly.

" I ain't a-doubten," Willie Proudfit told him. " I know you
ain't one to let air man be a-doubten yore word. When you
done said hit."

"It happens to be true."

"I ain't a-doubten," Willie Proudfit said again.

" She's going away this morning. Like she planned. So
Sylvestus needn't worry." He stopped, appeared to be reflect-
ing, then amended: "I'm sorry I said that That last I
didn't mean anything by it."

They began to move back toward the house. The white-
wash on the house was streaked grey with dampness, tet
brightening already on the side where the sun's rays struck